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This feature allows you to specify behaviors at different levels of the configuration hierarchy and have services inherit behaviors from multiple levels of the configuration hierarchy.To illustrate how this works assume you have the following virtual directory layout in IIS: ~\Web.config~\Service.svc~\Child\Web.config~\Child\And your ~\Web.config file has the following contents: The service located at ~\Child\will behave as though it has both the service Debug and service Metadata behaviors.The Configuration Editor Tool (Svc Config Editor.exe) makes it easy to create configurations.

If a child behavior collection contains a behavior that’s already present in the parent behavior collection, the child behavior overrides the parent.

So if a parent behavior collection had , the child behavior would override the parent behavior in the behavior collection and http Get Enabled would be "true".

The service located at ~\will only have the service Debug behavior.

What happens is that the two behavior collections with the same name (in this case the empty string) are merged.

Changes made to that file are automatically made to the final application configuration file at compile time.

In using an App.config, file the configuration system merges the App.config file with content of the Machine.config file when the application starts and the configuration is applied.

In addition, WCF includes several system-provided elements that allow you to quickly select the most basic features for a service. NET Framework version 4, WCF comes with a new default configuration model that simplifies WCF configuration requirements.

If you do not provide any WCF configuration for a particular service, the runtime automatically configures your service with some standard endpoints and default binding/behavior.

For more information about configuring services and clients, see Configuring Windows Communication Foundation Applications.

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