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I enjoy being active by riding a surfboard, walking & going to the gym.

°Butch: Monday-Wednesday °Sporty dyke: Thursday °Slut: Friday °Femme: Weekends °Just me: ~all of the time~ •When disaster strikes, pizza is the first thing I think of.

Im seeking beautiful people from all walks life that are optimistic,uplifting and fun loving,warm and witty. I'm loyal but no ones door mat I'm into health & fitness. trustworthy, friendly but can be shy until l get to know you. I work in architecture and urban design which am hugely passionate about.

Someone who is highly intelligent,secure and emotionally independant. Im passionate about life and reaching goals for About me: My personality is happy, I am quite academic when I want to be, I can´t dance, I am extremely loyal, and honesty is a priority, I am a great friend and family member, loyal to the very end, I I can't get enough of nature. When not doing that, any given week Hi :) I'm Beth and I'm a piano teacher.

Looking for ladies that like the outdoors, sports, cooking, reading and live theatre. Please feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or feedback. I like to snuggle close and be affectionate, I adore kisses. Im looking to meet someone who is capable Well, all I know is that most people enjoy having me around, it's at work or home or out somewhere we just have fun and lots of laughter around !

Love quick witted chicks and ones that don´t have a problem laughing at them selves. Honesty is a must, hate liars with a passion Greetings fellow travelers. Over the years and travels I've made a load of life long friends that I I'm...

That was until I realised that I'm dangerous with power tools so I love to laugh..often at myself ;) I'm quick witted and look for that in others.

Have a job that I still enjoy after 11 years :) My job is 24/7 shiftwork however which can make socialising hard.

Would like to get into cycling again, also have a mountain bike but haven’t ventured out in a while.

On a typical Saturday night (if there is such a thing) we would be: - out having dinner, Asian maybe - my current favourite: Japanese.

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