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Understand this information has just now hit the public because of me, so it will be a matter of about 3 months or less before Google sees this video and deletes the UFOs from their satellite mapping system.From the other UFOs revealed using Google map, that is my experience.

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They will delete them when they find out so check for yourself, and tell others please. The place that has become linked to UFOs around America is often called by most by the name of Area-51, but is also goes by the names Groom Lake, Dreamland, Watertown Strip and Homey Airport.

The granite hard secrecy of which the US Government barely acknowledges surrounding the base called Area-51, has in itself created numerous conspiracy theories and UFO history since the Roswell, NM crash in July 7, 1947, of which, its remains, including two aliens, one alive and one dead, were brought to Area-51.

It seems to be attached to the ship at a fixed point and four legs supports this unusual machine.

From the attached point to the ground it is twenty-five feet.

Also there are two 75-foot long tubes of similar size coming out of the saucer and going to the square white area above it on the map.

We can assume that the tubes attached to the saucer have a function, maybe cooling, since the craft is exposed to the sunlight in the desert and it appears to be in a maintenance area.Those are easy to identify, if not from their structure, then from their shadows they make. I zoomed out from Area 51 so that I could see the area better and found that on the left side of Area 51, close to seven miles traveling southwest, was a dry lakebed, but this is only the second lake bed.I soon found a few F-16’s sitting on the runway and two other larger jets, but nothing unusual. This one is often confused with the third dry lakebed.The third one is where, with Google Earth, you will find the Three UFO shaped craft.Area S4 is located roughly fifteen miles South-West of Area 51.It took only the time to type Area 51, into the search before I found myself staring at the infamous base.

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