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See how building and streets have changed over time in Street View.Just drag the small yellow figure onto the map and tap the clock icon.

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Mike Blumenthal is one of the best-known Google Maps junkies.

He has spent more than 10 years writing about the service's many changes and the evolution of local search in general.

Google says it's in a "constant race with local business spammers" and that it's "heavily invested" in getting users to contribute and flag issues, while also using manual and automated systems to detect fraud.

In the last year, Google has come under fire for how much it has relied on outsiders to help it find fake news in search, incorrect responses through its Home smart speaker and inappropriate videos in the trending section on You Tube.

Many, like Waddington, have also built marketing businesses around advising people on how to legitimately use Maps' tools, and are feeling increasingly flabbergasted that Google hasn't found a better way to curb the abuse they can turn up so easily.

They say the issues with Maps are getting worse and deserve to be in the spotlight.

Whether you're a New Yorker commuting across the city or visiting and prefer to see all the sights via bike, this new feature will be a huge game-changer for those getting around NYC.

Waddington is part of a group of Google Maps advocates who are trying to improve the service, so he lets Google track his location and frequently adds photos or edits to Maps listings.

But the service is plagued by fake reviews, ghost listings, lead generation schemes and impersonators.

This hurts both honest business owners who don't use deceptive tactics and consumers who have come to rely on Google Maps to find information about the world around them.

"I looked into it later and found over 40 listings that were part of this ring of fake listings for a nurse practitioner service that comes to you," Waddington says.

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