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Mussels can be served cooked or cold, as part of a seafood platter, dipped into a spicy sambal and chilli sauces, added to paellas or, at the last minute, fish soups.

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They often grow in clumps, attaching themselves to rocks or to each other by means of sticky filaments, sometimes referred to as a "beard". In the North Atlantic, blue mussels are often grown using a variety of methods, but most methods share common traits, usually providing some means for mussels to anchor and live above the sea floor.

Blue mussels inhabit a wide range of estuarine and marine environments.

Blue mussels (Mytilus Edulis) have a smooth, bluish-black shell.

Wild blue mussels and tend to live in coastal estuaries or near shorelines.

Some connoisseurs even like the very fresh ones raw (sashimi), though this is rare.

Due to their similarities, Blue Mussels often make a good substitute for Vongole, Pipis and other clams.They attach to rocks, jetties and piers and sometimes form dense beds on sandy flat substrates.They can be found from the low tide level to a depth of 10 metres, and they prefer sites with significant water movement.Cooked Mussels can be removed from their shells and frozen for up to 3 months (below -18C) then thawed in the refrigerator and used in soups or salads (do not recook as theyll become tough).Cooking If Mussels are being served in the shell, remove the beards before cooking by holding shells firmly closed and sharply tugging beards away from the pointy end of the shell; if Mussels are being removed from shells, cook with beards attached, they are easy to pull off the cooked Mussels once theyre removed from their shells.Once popular as snacks that could be harvested free or purchased cheaply (and known as poor mans Oysters), these filter feeders became a casualty of the Industrial Revolution as people became concerned about the quality of the water in which they were growing wild.

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