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The thousands of fragments of marble vases and figures that flooded the international antiquities market - and were so assiduously bought by museums and private collectors - were known as the "Keros Hoard".

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Istanbul archaeologists have uncovered a 4th-Century port at the site where engineers plan to build a 21st-Century railway hub.

The Marmaray project cannot even begin work in the area until excavations are complete.

But archaeologists hope their dig, which begins next week and includes an area of virgin ground, will both illuminate the island's role and explain why it was so much more important than its bigger, less rugged neighbours.

Some have mooted the idea that the finds not only filled graves but were removed with bones from cemeteries elsewhere and reburied in Keros in front of the cave's mouth.

By the second millennium BC the mariner-race was superseded by Crete and Mycenaean Greece; its elegant artworks and seafaring superiority soon forgotten.

Subsequent digs at Kavos Daskaleio, where a cave was also found, failed to reveal the secrets of the site or the purpose of the figurines, which could have depicted gods or may simply have been children's toys.

Sarika won her case convincingly and hopefully schools will take note of the core messages in the judgment.

The first of these is about individual freedom and the rights of minorities.

The skeletons were obviously warriors, the tallest of whom was at least 1.85 meters, said Sun Xinmin, head of the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Heritage and Archeology.

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