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Thank you so much for reading this post, and for taking the time to test and play my games.

You have stories to tell, and passions to share, and things to talk about that are more interesting than the weather.

This has been your life, ever since you graduated from college, where you attained a degree in the field of Music.

Book 2's routes are particularly different from one another and are each packed with their own unique scenes. MITY is not affiliated in any way, shape, or form with these legal entities. All characters have been aged up to 18 and exist in an alternate reality where events started years into the future. Your support is what makes it possible for us to build this game, and build more games like it.

Book 2 has roughly 4x the content of Book 1 and lots of complexity, while Book 1 is a more straightforward experience. We're creating these games because there's not enough of them, and we love them, but we also hope you wouldn't mind tossing a few dollars our way.

Will you be that guy that wins Melody's heart and has her singing to her own tune again?

Is it possible that you and Melody can make beautiful music together one day?

That money goes directly into upgrading my equipment, making sure that I have enough time to keep developing games, hiring people to help me out with game development, and one day, to fully support myself so I can dedicate full time to create the games that you want. Patreon has this cool reward tier system where you get certain rewards depending on the amount of money you donate per month.

It will also keep me motivated to not give up and not quit the project, because you trust me with your hard-earned cash and I would feel like s*** if I disappointed you. So for example: • If you donate per month, Non-Patreon people will only be able to play a month after the initial release date.Get noticed for who you are, not what you look like. Several Packs are now out, which provide additional content and expand the game..00 level support gets you large, high-quality, pre-layered images every month, including art that won't be used in-game or found anywhere else. We continually seek to prove how serious we are and how much content we have planned.If you're able to help us out even more, the higher levels have some pretty cool stuff like custom art, events, and the ability to playtest for bugs and stuff. We're pretty tired of how many game makers release tiny teases. Each book has two routes -- essentially a "slave" route and a "love" route.Expansion Packs Get to Work Expansion Outdoor Retreat Pack Spa Day Game Pack Luxury Party Stuff Perfect Patio Stuff Here are major guide sections, for those who've recently bought it: Building Houses and Lots - a Build Mode Guide Aspirations Skills Emotions Careers Sim Traits Sim Needs and Life Span Settings Death Hidden Areas Gardening Sims 4 Cheats We now have a Guide to Roaring Heights with Maps to Collectibles along with information on the Premium Content that comes with this new Town.

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