Who is dating kevin bacon

I remember, on one of our first dates, Kevin said, "What do you think of just squeezing a couple out? But I never in a million years thought there would be sides to Kevin that I'm still learning.

[Our relationship] is like a treasure; there are layers and layers of it.

But you grow together and learn more about each other.

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As parents, how do you and Kevin make sure you also get what you want?

I feel the primary relationship has to be the mother and the father, and then it can be the kids. I think that's ultimately the best for the kids, because they feel safe when they know Mum and Dad are good, enjoying each other's company and wanting to be alone together. It's a milestone year: Kevin's turning 50 and you're also celebrating your 20th wedding anniversary. I think that no matter what, sex has to be involved.

It's been really exciting and fulfilling creatively to play a character for this long. But now I have to live with the wonderful success of it all and the bittersweetness of that success — because success means I'm not home.

I didn't have high expectations when I took this job, because I'd never done a TV series before and the last thing I wanted to do was move to L. Has leaving your family gotten any easier over the years?

"'As she sat down and daintily picked at her salad...'" Kyra teasingly feigns an intro to our interview. At 43, Kyra has an accomplished and sustained acting career, a much-admired marriage to actor Kevin Bacon (they celebrate their 20th anniversary this year), and two great kids, Travis, 19, and Sosie, 16.

But she's the first to say that her life has taken many unexpected twists and turns.I keep thinking it's going to get easier and I keep forgetting every year that the first few weeks are really hard. But my loved ones remind me that I always have this transition time and do get through it. My son's in college now, but Kevin is home with our daughter, and I think it's giving them a chance to have a relationship that they otherwise may not have. I had them so young, and it's a lot of work for a while, and I think we both thought we weren't ready for more.I think that's always been the case with our marriage: Because we've often worked at different times, we've each had this wonderful special time with the kids when the other parent is away. He never wanted to have another one, but I was like, "Maybe?But there are still great parts out there, and I think I look good and I feel good. I have so much to give and so many places to explore. But for some, being merely a celebrity's child suffices.I'm constantly amazed that we are still surprised and interested in each other. by that time we'd had our second kid, and I look back at those pictures and I think, Gosh, I didn't know him at all!

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