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season 2 trailer: “I own you.” The trio of Larry Dorf, Rachel Ramras, and Hugh Davidson are back hitting the Hollywood grind in EW’s exclusive new look at the series’ return.But they might be crazy if they want to work for Mc Carthy, who’s now helping them get their sitcom off the ground. “I would never sing a theme song for a TV show,” Sia protests.

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That’s too bad, according to Mc Carthy, because she gave the singer’s manager two bottles of wine. As spotted in the new footage, season 2 is about all it takes to get Larry, Rachel, and Hugh’s pilot off the ground.

Larry wants to star, which itself becomes a feat, but then there’s the whole Kristen Wiig situation.

It’s hard to say the exact amount of royalties that the cast of “Saved by the Bell” receives, but bankruptcy papers from 2001 suggested that Dustin Diamond received a little more than $63,000 a year.

In Diamond’s autobiography, by the by, he claims that he has a large penis and has used it to have sex with more than 2,000 women, most of whom he picked up at Disneyland.

In a 2009 interview with Newsweek, asked what the greatest thing about his “Saved by the Bell” experience was, Gosselaar said, “I met my wife on Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

She literally walked by in the hallway and said one word to Zack.

Everyone has high school memories that make them cringe. And let’s not forget the neon leotards and acid-washed denim.

But when you’re Mario Lopez, those teen mistakes have been witnessed by millions. “I liked my hair long because I wanted to look like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon,” he says of the flowing locks he sported as A. But 20 years after debuted, and long after those clothes left closets for good (we hope), the kids from TV’s Bayside High are more popular than ever—thanks to the devotion of tween, teen and twentysomething fans and nonstop reruns on TBS.

Today marks the 25th Anniversary since Saved by the Bell aired its first episode, and accoridngly, we thought it fitting to republish these 25 Facts you didn’t know about the cast of Saved by the Bell.

“Saved by the Bell” is actually a spin-off of another show, “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” which followed Zach, Lisa, and Screech while they were in junior high.

, the TV sitcom featuring a bunch of high school friends who dressed in crazy (but still way cool) clothing. Thiessen left the side ponytails behind for her own cooking show long ago, but she’s managed to hold onto the relationship with her co-star.

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